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Brought to you by our Partners VrikshConsulting, the Personal Transformation Training is an intense 3-dayexperiential program designed to bring positive transformation in one’s life by helping on resolve his personal issues and break out of the inertia of self pity and frustration. It helps all the participants realize the power of their own potential. It helps participants take break free of all the reasons holding him back and taste success and real freedom from worries by transforming…

  • The quality of their relationships
  • The quality of their support structures
  • The quality of their self-beliefs and goals

…into positive, motivating and learning experiences. The Training Program works on an experiential format by creating awareness on how we experience, learn, condition ourselves and then respond to our surroundings. It also helps us realize how we can break out of our mental barriers by simply changing the way we see and experience the world and the way we empower ourselves.