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We at CCIM extend our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful workshop that you conducted for our First MBA students. Our students have been consistently exposed to such workshops through their curriculum, but your workshop was appreciated by far for the innovative methods that you adopted to communicate the flaws and correct the same. The students felt highly benefited by your programme, specifically the video footage of the students GD performance.
It was an eye opener to the students to watch themselves and realise their drawbacks and work towards correcting the same. We would like to look at a more focused and specific programme in enhancing certain skills within the students as a next concluding session. The overwhelming appreciation and response that we have received as a feedback from the students made us want to share this with you.
Molly, Professor and Placement in charge, Christ College Institute of Management
This email can be considered as a Thank you note for many reasons. First of all, let me give you good news of being selected for GE HealthCare Pvt. Ltd (GE BEL) Bangalore, this month as Process Engineer. I would like to tell you GE’s selection process is one of the toughest and consisted of 6 rounds in which the first and last rounds were HR; the skills taught by you (set of questionnaire, teamwork skills, self introspection, GD etc) done during the “Career Workshop”(Career to Corporate) in our college (CV Raman College of Engineering, Bhubaneshwar) was something which I honestly admit, has helped me getting into GE, the world’s most admired company. It not only helped me answer the questions but also made a tough interview seem easy.
Sreemoy Sundar Das, GE HealthCare Pvt. Ltd (GE BEL) Bangalore, March 2005
I really learnt a lot from your session and expect the same to happen in future too.
Lakshman R, Sunrise Traders, UAE. July 2005
I really enjoyed your seminar very much. You must wonder why am I giving you feedback after so long. I realize after practicing your training for 3 to 4 months do I see the effect. I don’t know whether I got great capacity or greater knowledge. But I can really feel the changes in my life. I realize it through my approach & behavior with others.Anyone can become very smart in his life! But it will happen, only if he thinks.My difference in thinking came from your training only.
Ravi H N, Sunrise Traders, UAE. July 2005
thanks a lot for the timely feedback…it really did its part of adding to my confidence level. Will definitely keep in touch with you
Sanjukta, XIMB – 2003
Received your feedback and believe me its quite an eye opener. I’ll certainly try to be less tense and confused during my final interviews during the placement. Will mail you after the final placements are over
Tanuja, XIMB – 2003
Thanks for all your help and guidance. I made it to Associated Cements Company Limited (ACC) in the placement in the area of HR
Lipi Das, XIMB - 2003
just wanted to let you know that I got a job with Batliwala and Karani securities at Mumbai as a consultant. Work starts on April 2nd…i feel very happy, hope I am able to do full justice to the job. Thanks a ton Sir for your helpful tips and suggestions they worked for me
Anuradha Chaterjee, XIMB – 2003
I had participated in the C2C program conducted by you at XIMB. I wanted to inform you that I’ve been placed with BMC (Birla Management Corporation) in campus
Binu Raj, XIMB – 2003
The lab really opened a new level of consciousness in me, helping me both at work in personal life
Sajan Mathai, Senior Director (HR), Oracle (sajan.mathai@gmail.com)
Three days of extensive experiential learning changed my life forever and made me perform to a new potential
Ramanan S, Global Learnng Leader at Ernst & Young (ramanan1760@gmail.com)
It was a learning curve that made me aware of my innermost strength and today I encourage my colleagues to get this experience
Umesh KG, Head of HR at Himalaya Drug Company (ganapathiumesh@yahoo.co.in)
I’ve personally experience the power of NLP in the Lab that helped me scale new avenues in my work as well as my personal life
Ravi Vardhan, Head of HR, Toyota Kirloskar Ltd.
What began as a professional need has become a spiritual journey for me and NLP is truly part of my life now
Arun Varma, Senior VP, IL&FS (arun.adoomba@gmail.com)
The lab helped me overcome some known and several hidden challenges, and unleashing my potential.
Lakshmikant MN, Manager E&Y (laxmikant_mn@yahoo.co.in)