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In today’s business environment we work in teams and communication is a major component of team work. If the communication is not proper it can lead to conflict within the team. To overcome this problem one should speak in terms that make sense to the other person. The understanding style depends on the individual’s personality.

There 4 basic personality types. Everyone is a blend of these 4 types. However, they may have a “more” of one style and “less” of the other two/three styles. We would call the 4 types as ADAE personalities. It is Analytical – Driver – Amiable – Expressive. This is popularly known as the 4-quadrant personality model. The best way to get a good team is to have members from all the 4-quadrants and let the natural diversity grow. When dealing with this diversity we encounter communication problems which may lead to conflict. Hence, it is good to begin by first assessing what type you are yourself and then understand the personalities of other team members through their behaviour / response pattern.